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Game News
Shadowlight is a social lvl, guild on EU Laughing Skull. We play WOW for fun and mostley use our guildchat for social talking or for help. The guild was created by Mizti in the end of june 2010. There are no obligations in the guild besides being polite, nice and... to have fun!

There is only a few things that we totally forbid, and thats spamming in guildchat and begging other wow players for money or items, no begging and no spamming. Besides that you can choose to be active for the guild or just join and play by your self, its your choice. To rank up in Shadowlight, you only have to have good manors, be polite and unusually helpful to other players and contribute to the guild. We welcome all no matter lvl or race. 

If you have questions about the ranking, plz click the link to the left "Ranks".
You have to be logged in to read it.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Shadowlight!
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Allied guild!

MiztiLS, Oct 19, 10 11:19 AM.
Blades Of Purgatory
From now on we are "allied" with this guild. That dont mean that anything is going to change in our guild, just means that we should concider them a part of Shadowlight. Treat them as well as your guild-buddies. Greet them when you see them, help them if they need help. They will do the same thing for us. In the future we will do raiding with this guild ;o)

New Second GM

MiztiLS, Sep 16, 10 1:25 AM.
2010-09-15 Rhoxannah becomes Second Guild Master.
Rhox was given the rank because of her kindness to other players. She's always willing to help when ever your in need. Thanks to Rhox we have the two extra tabs in the bank. Rhox looks at things with a good heart and kindness, and thats why im very happy to have her as Second GM.


Guildmeet and race

MiztiLS, Jul 25, 10 12:38 AM.
Yesterday we had a guildmeeting and a running race.
First race was on foot, no aspects.
Second race was on foot, with aspects.
Theird race was on mounts.
Fourth and last race was with pets.
We all had a lot of fun, thank you all for coming. Next time we do duelling.
Congratz to all the winners!!!

Website created

MiztiLS, Jul 24, 10 8:13 AM.
New website created. Hope you like it!
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